Minecraft creeper
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 25 2500 Subscriber Special!

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 25 2500 Subscriber Special!

General Spaz was a recurring villain in Etho's single player series, and was first seen in Episode 25: 2500 subscriber special. The episode starts with him travelling to a nearby island and then wandering through a forest, he proceeds to find a strange house at the edge of the forest. Curious, he walks closer and reads a sign next to the door, which has 'General Spaz's residence' written on it. He opens the door, then walks into the house, but quickly flees upon seeing a creeper inside.

The most recent appearance is in episode 404 error, a troll episode in a modded copy of his world, where Etho ends the episode with Spaz, who has grown 2 heads on the sides of his head, returning with a nuke, but melee killing etho.

Other AppearancesEdit

General Spaz returned in Etho's second LP World. Well actually in his dream. He was facing himself that he didn't know what was the sound. He thinks it was Wilson. But as he turns around, he sees the general, riding his car, trying to run him over. But as he fails, he blows up, sending Etho in the air and landing very hard that he died.

In the YOGSCAST series Flux Buddies, after investigating the nuke, Duncan and Kim see a death message saying "General Spaz withered away". Duncan checks the player lists and finds no one but them, so there must have been mob named General Spaz.