Jeff is a creeper that is supercharged.

Some attributes
First Type: Creeper
Second Appeared in: Episode 293
Third Status: Despawned
Other attributes


He first appeared in Episode 293 when Etho was in a storm. He finds a creeper that is in a supercharged state. He is ambushed by mobs even a Spider Jockey every side-to-side. He got the upper hand and eventually wins the fight. He got into a pursuit by the creeper. He tries to name him Jeff, almost blowing him up. He got into his Sugar Cane field. Eventually, the creeper lost him. He tries to attract it but to no avail. He tries to fish him out of there. A few unsucessful attempts then he caught it. He sucessfully attracts it to his cave but there is a catch, where could he keep the creeper? He tries to keep it in his potion room. He ender pearled inside and now he's trapped. He tries to ender pearl back, almost blowing him up and suffocated him. He got the creeper inside the mancave sucessfully.

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(I don't know who wrote this caption. ^ But you dont have to write such long sentence s. This text hurts my brain to read. But im too lazy to edit it all so im just adding this note at the end. Welcome to Wiki, jackass.)