Underground Village
One of the houses in the village
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Second Type: NPC Village
Third Status: Active
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The Underground Village is a village in Episode 278-280 and 309.


Etho is taking a break from Emerald City. He mines out a nice open space suitable for a village. He begins construction at Episode 278. He got the first house ready. A yellow colored house. He got another house ready, colored blue and in the sky supported by wooden support. Finally he got the third house ready, colored green and looks exactly as the yellow house. He got some plans at Episode 279 for a more easier approach for the villagers. In Episode 280 it is moving day. He moved the villagers with a zombie forcing to move them. It didn't turn out very well.So he tries out a one wide tunnel. He got into trouble because the villagers are hesitant to move. He got the villagers to be in the pool but the zombie got into it too. He killed the zombie, and got the villagers a home.


It reappeared in Episode 309 where it was empty. Etho takes many villagers into it but there was problems. Zombies and it was broken so he dealt with the zombies but all of the villagers were annihilated. He inputs 2 villagers in it but they're hesitant to go to the houses except the green one. They didn't repopulate and it was no use. So he built another house, forced the villagers into the doors and close it to them and things is starting to put together. They bred and got a baby villager and they got into the blue house. It was a success for Etho.

It re-appeared again in Episode 310 when Etho got into the underground village. He regrets that he needs a proper pathway to the village


Appearance of the villageEdit

The village is colorful,inside the houses has skylights and many doors and there's an orange staircase.